Looking back at 2021

20. January, 2022 2 min read Personal

Looking back at 2021

2021 hasn't been short on events either. We continued to improve the user experience at work and added new functionality. Studies progressed into the subsequent semesters, and life is treating me well.

I continued journaling my experiences at work, school and personal life. As already in 2020, for my sanity and everyone else’s; as bullet points:


  • We made several improvements with our documentation presentation and organisation.
  • The continued effort moving away from Django templates to React delivers remarkable speed, efficiency and user experience.
  • We are doing more and more pair coding and pair reviews, which is excellent for the product’s quality and knowledge exchange.
  • We also had the chance to clean up many loose ends and improve on the overall build and quality of life stuff™.
  • Several improvements to the marketing sites have been made, which are lovely.
  • There are also new features available, like shortcuts on the control panel; check it out.


  • Completed two semesters and continued with the third.
  • Improved on my Anki and Notion learning methods, adapted where needed. The Notion app is fantastic.
  • Though I’m overall not very happy about the study/school itself, more on that probably in 2022.
  • Again taught Modular Frontend Development at the Ostschweizer Fachhochschule (OST) 🥳


  • I read about 50 books again this year, though several have been non-fiction for school 😅.
  • I started playing Gloomhaven (Boardgame), which is very enjoyable.
  • I also played some computer games again, including Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy VII Remake and FFXIV.
  • I gambled way too much with GME and the sorts with little gains 🤪.
  • I continued playing the guitar, though a bit less due to studies.
  • I installed a complete home lab in my cellar and started writing articles about it.

Looking forward

School consumed most of my time this year, and as such several other projects have been delayed. However, I’m sure 2022 will bring more changes, surprises and roadblocks as I go along.

‘Till next time!